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Prince William says no to appearing on ITV’S ‘Loose Women’

Actress and TV presenter Lisa Maxwell has revealed she failed in her attempt to get Prince William on Loose Women, claiming that he said he didn’t like the name of the show.

At a charity CD photoshoot at Clarence House in London, the actress and presenter lobbied the Prince to appear on the popular ITV1 show she co-hosts – but the 28-year-old apparently said he’d never seen it.

Lisa claimed: “I said to him, ‘what about being on Loose Women?’ He said ‘It’s the name, it has got an awful name’.”

She added: “I’m not sure how you can never have seen it – it is on every day.”

The 46-year-old and the Prince took part in a photoshoot for the album 1969: A Key To Change, a downloadable album to mark the Centrepoint charity’s 40th anniversary.

Sara Cox, Dan Gillespie and Jools Holland also took part in the shoot.

Source : UK Press Association


Prince Harry is terror target

Security around Prince Harry has been made tighter after it was revealed he was a top terrorist target.

The News of The World published an article reporting that Al Quaeda and Irish Millitants have Harry on their hit lists.

Harry is thought to be specially at risk because of his time served in Afghanistan and because of his party lifestyle.

The number of Royal guards around Harry has been doubled as the security risk level of attack against the Royal family is now at level 2, which is just below imminent.

Source : In The


Prince William helps launch charity album

Prince William has helped launch a charity album that aims to help the homeless.

William who is patron of the charity ‘Centrepoint’ was at the launch of the CD called ’1969 : The Key To Change’ features songs from 1969 which was the year Centrepoint began.

Stars singing on the album include : Jools Holland, The Feeling, and ex guitarist from ‘The Smiths’ Johnny Marr.

Speaking about homelessness , Jools Holland said that it was a subject that needed to be addressed and that Royal involvement with the charity helped raise the profile of the charity.

The charity is very close to William’s heart, as his mother Princess Diana was once patron of Centrepoint.

Source : Daily Star


Prince Harry has a gas on ‘hippy crack’

To the twentysomethings who use it at nightclubs and music festivals, it is known as ‘hippy crack’ for the euphoria it induces. For Prince Harry,  inhaling nitrous oxide — better known as laughing gas — is just a harmless diversion on a night of hard partying.

party boy Harry

The gas, a propellant in aerosols and mildly anaesthetic, is the latest — and perfectly legal — recreational drug of choice for the middle classes.

Nevertheless, there have been at least two fatalities associated with the drug. A 23-year-old company director was found dead at his home in 2007 next to a large cylinder of the gas, and comedian Martin Cassidy died last year after he accidentally overdosed.

None of this seemed to have been of concern to Harry, 26, who happily inhaled several balloons of nitrous oxide provided at £1.50 a time at a charity fancy-dress party in Dulwich, South London, on Friday night.

Harry was a guest at the Into The Woods party to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The bash was organised by seven of Harry’s female friends, including Grace Pilkington( seen below) the former fancy of man-about-town Oscar Humphries, and interior designer Rose Uniacke’s daughter, Florence.

Grace Pilkington

The Prince arrived at 8.30pm and was still partying — surrounded by a bevy of long-legged aristocratic beauties — at 5am. Judging by how much time he spent chatting up girls, Harry’s long-time on-off relationship with Chelsy Davy must be in ‘off’ mode at present.

Dressed as a lumberjack in a red-checked shirt and braces, he was overheard telling friends how much he loved being single. ‘It’s fantastic,’ he told one slim brunette.

Harry, training to be a helicopter pilot — last week he flew a £35million Apache helicopter solo for the first time — was seen inhaling the balloons several times during the evening.

Says a fellow partygoer: ‘He loves laughing gas. It is only mild and it gives you a two-minute high. But if you have had alcohol or other drugs, it can space you out for much longer. Some people pass out after inhaling it.’

Later, after complaining about the £6-a-bottle price of beer, Harry — accompanied by his best friend, Viscount Caldecote’s heir, Tom Inskip, 25 — invited some ladies to continue the party at St James’s Palace. ‘A couple of girls went off with them,’ I am told.

A spokesman for Clarence House says: ‘We don’t comment on private events.’

Source : Daily Mail



Prince William sent little brother Harry a birthday dig at his skills as a chopper pilot – a card with a snap of an Apache helicopter.

And inside the home-made card clown prince William gloated: “Happy birthday – Still Number One.”

The card – for Harry’s 26th birthday on Wednesday – was brotherly teasing over William’s graduation as an RAF search and rescue chopper pilot.

Prince William Prince Harry

Prince William sent little brother Harry a birthday dig at his skills as a chopper pilot – a card with a snap of an Apache helicopter.

And inside the home-made card clown prince William gloated: “Happy birthday – Still Number One.”

The card – for Harry’s 26th birthday on Wednesday – was brotherly teasing over William’s graduation as an RAF search and rescue chopper pilot.

On Friday, William became the first brother to go into active service as he joined C Flight at the RAF’s 22 Squadron at RAF Valley in Wales.

Harry still has weeks to go until he’s fully qualified to fly the Apache helicopter gunship with the Army Air Corps and head back to the front line in Afghanistan.

A pal said: “The competition goes back to when they were based at the combined services helicopter school at RAF Shawbury.

“William is claiming victory because he’s first to finish training.”

But high-flying Harry claims his skills as an Apache pilot – the most difficult chopper in the world to fly – will easily outstrip William’s.

The pal added: “He may be second but his training is tougher and his skills are greater. He is in the helicopter equivalent of an F1 racing car while William is running a Transit van.”

William, 28, is expected to remain in his post at RAF Valley for up to three years.

The friend added: “The posting is between 30 and 36 months and he is committed to that. He loves the fact he isn’t a royal ornament cutting ribbons and shaking hands.”

But his qualification is a blow for girlfriend Kate Middleton, 28, who did not join him at Friday’s passing-out ceremony.

William will have to quit the cottage they have been sharing in Wales and live on the base so he can respond to emergency calls.

Source : Daily Star


Prince William is presented with search and rescue wings

It was a proud day for Flt Lt William Wales.
After 20 months of hard work and dedication, Prince William graduated as a search and rescue pilot in an informal ceremony held at his base, RAF Valley, in Anglesey on Friday.
Far from the pomp one might associate with royalty, the 28-year-old was honoured, along six fellow trainees, in a low-key affair,   during which the officers each received a certificate and squadron badge from their unit commander.

William receiving his wings

Wills said earlier that he was "really delighted" to become a fully-fledged search and rescue pilot.
"The course has been challenging but I have enjoyed it immensely.
"I absolutely love flying, so it will be an honour to serve operationally with the search and rescue force, helping to provide such a vital emergency service."
And his happiness at becoming a fully qualified pilot was evident at the ‘wings ceremony’.
He smiled broadly as he shook hands with his commander, who congratulated him on passing the tough training course.


St James Palace stressed beforehand that he wouldn’t have guests. So his girlfriend Kate Middleton wasn’t present and the popular royal celebrated with his peers.
With the training programme behind him, William will now join 22 Squadron, C Flight as a fully operational Sea King co-pilot in a team of four, and will spend the next three years in Wales flying rescue missions.
While he is on duty, the Prince – who will embark on his first 24-hour shift in a matter of weeks – will live on the base in readiness for any emergencies.
"You are exposed to your weaknesses and therefore have to adapt to them," said Wing Commander Peter Lloyd at RAF Valley.
"The crews have to work with you as a team – there is nowhere to hide in the crew of a helicopter."

The Queen’s grandson completed 70 hours of live flying and 50 hours of simulator training in order to learn how to manoeuvre the Sea King helicopter to the high standards expected.
Friday’s graduation was the culmination of seven-months of training with the Search and Rescue Training Unit and the Sea King Operational Unit.
William – whose younger brother Harry is learning to fly Apache helicopters – began training to become an S&R pilot back in January 2009.

Source : Hello Magazine


Prince William graduates as search and rescue pilot

Prince William will start work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for Britain’s Royal Air Force after graduating from training Friday, his office said.

William, second in line to the throne and the eldest son of Prince Charles and his deceased first wife Princess Diana, will co-pilot Sea King helicopters as part of a four-man crew based at RAF Valley in Anglesey on the north west coast of Wales.

William helicopter

"The course has been challenging, but I have enjoyed it immensely," said William, 28, who now has the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

"I absolutely love flying, so it will be an honour to serve operationally with the search and rescue Force, helping to provide such a vital emergency service."

The prince completed 70 hours of flying time augmented by 50 hours in a simulator as part of training to get to grips with the helicopter.

William’s younger brother Harry has served on the front line in Afghanistan with the British armed forces.

Source : UK


Prince Harry to ‘study on birthday’

Army flier Prince Harry celebrates his 26th birthday on Wednesday – by hitting his helicopter studies.

The trainee Apache pilot will spend much of the milestone continuing his training at the controls of the aircraft.

At the weekend the prince was pictured in the crowd at a concert in aid of forces charity Help for Heroes, but it is thought he will be celebrating his birthday privately.

Harry at concert

Harry, a Household Cavalry officer attached to the Army Air Corps (AAC), began his training in July and, according to his father, initially found things a little tough.

When the Prince of Wales travelled to Germany at the end of July to present British servicemen of 1 Army Air Corps with their Afghan campaign medals, he told them: "I’m enormously proud to be your Colonel-in-Chief and to be an Army Air Corps father. I am happy to hear about the Air Corps from Harry who even as I speak is struggling with his own Apache training."

Harry began his eight-month course at the AAC’s flying school at Middle Wallop in Hampshire.

Once this is completed he will spend a similar period under instruction with one of the Apache regiments based at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk.

A St James’ Palace spokeswoman said Harry will spend the day training as usual.

Source : Press Association UK


Prince Harry cleared of over-spurring his polo mount

Prince Harry has been cleared of any wrongdoing or cruelty to his polo pony after tabloid reports that the prince over-spurred his mount during a match.

The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) has reviewed claims that the prince drew blood with his spurs during a match at Guards on 11 July and carried on playing.

Audi Polo at Coworth Park

Chairman of the HPA welfare committee David Morley told H&H that an independent vet examined the pony for the association on 4 September, after stories appeared in the national press.

"We took veterinary advice that if the pony had been gouged or stabbed by the spurs there would have been scar tissue or a bald patch," said Mr Morley. "There was no sign of any such injury."

The vet told the HPA that as the injury had been to one side of the pony only it was more probably caused by a collision rather than spurs.

"I think this was more a story about Prince Harry than his polo skills," said Mr Morley

He said the HPA welfare committee had concluded that there was no wrong doing involved in the incident, at a meeting on 4 September.

Source : Horse and


Prince Harry Accused of Animal Cruelty

Prince Harry  has been accused of animal cruelty after his horse suffered a bloody injury during a polo match.

He was photographed riding a pony that appeared to have been stabbed in the flank by his spurs.

Harry and injured pony

An onlooker claimed that the 25-year-old prince continued to ride his horse while blood was visible on its flank, but St James’s Palace said he stopped playing as soon as the injury was spotted.

Animal welfare groups accused Harry of being ‘heartless’.

The Hurlingham Polo Association, the sport’s governing body, has launched an investigation.

The horse was injured during a match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, in July, but photographs of the incident have only just emerged.

Prince Harry’s Household Cavalry team was beaten by the Royal Navy by five and a half goals to five. The Navy had been granted a half goal advantage at the start of the match.

Under polo rules, riders who use their spurs excessively face disciplinary action ranging from a warning for a first offence to a fine of up to £50,000.

They state: ‘Any player intentionally striking another player or any pony with his stick, or abusing his pony by excessive use of the whip or spurts shall be severely penalised.’

The rules also say: ‘Any spur likely to wound a horse is forbidden.’

Pony spur injury

Andrew Tyler, director of animal welfare charity Animal Aid, said: ‘It was a heartless and utterly selfish thing to do.

‘Polo is a very rough activity that causes stress and injuries to horses. The use of spurs in such a fast-moving event is a vicious indulgence.

‘Spurs are unnecessary for a competent rider and should not be used to punish a horse for the rider’s failure to gain advantage.

‘Prince Harry comes from a background of hunting and shooting which is at odds with the vast majority of the British public.’

Tony Moore, chairman of the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, said: ‘Prince Harry is cruel. If a rider uses their spurs in a way that injures a horse then that is cruel.’

David Morley, Hurlingham’s chairman of welfare, said it was unusual for horses to suffer blood injuries during a polo match.

‘The nature of the injury suggests to me that it was as a result of an accident rather than exuberance,’ he said. ‘Sometimes somebody bumps into another rider and nudges his spurs in.’

Mr Morley said that about half of polo players wore spurs, with many believing it is better to ‘nudge’ a horse with spurs rather than ‘thump’ it with the heel.

St James’s Palace insisted that the prince came off the field as soon as he noticed his mount was injured, adding that horse and rider were able to return to the match after minor treatment.

A spokesman said: ‘Prince Harry was wearing regulation footwear (round-headed spurs) worn by many polo players.

‘As soon as the cut was noticed, play was stopped and the horse was treated properly. The horse was absolutely fine and returned to the field immediately.’

He added: ‘Prince Harry takes the welfare of his horses incredibly seriously and has been riding this horse for many years.

‘He has nothing but the highest respect for the polo ponies and would never knowingly do anything to cause the animals distress.’

Prince Harry was said to be ‘very upset’ in May when another of his polo ponies, a ten-year-old mare called Drizzle, collapsed and died from a heart attack at a polo match. The prince had been riding the horse shortly before it died.

But he was criticised by animal welfare groups in 2007 after two protected hen harriers were shot near the royal estate at Sandringham in Norfolk.

Source : Daily Mail


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