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Former king of spin to star at Althorp literary festival

Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell will be among the authors visiting Northamptonshire for the sixth annual Althorp Literary Festival in 2009.

Several names have already been announced for the event, including Amanda Foreman, whose biography of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, was recently transformed into a feature film starring Keira Knightley.

amanda2008  Alastair Campbell

The festival has grown each year since it was launched in 2004 and last year attracted record crowds.
In an announcement on Althorp’s website, a spokesman for the historic home said: "Alastair Campbell’s take on power and politics is always fascinating but it is his debut novel, All in the Mind, that will be featured here, a book described by Stephen Fry as a ‘devastating penetration of the human mind’.

"The fascinating Amanda Foreman talks about her mesmerising biography of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
"Historian Antony Beevor’s studies of 20th century conflicts are legendary. At Althorp this year he will be delivering insights into his latest work, D-Day: the Battle for Normandy."

When Amanda Foreman’s novel was adapted for the big screen as The Duchess, the author was keen to downplay marketing which compared the story of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire to that of Diana, Princess of Wales, who grew up at Althorp.


Campbell’s first novel has been described by its publisher, Random House, as "the compelling story of a psychiatrist, his patients and family, and the pressures they bring to bear upon each other".

Last year, top names – including broadcaster John Humphries, comedian Julian Clary and General Sir Mike Jackson – were at the festival, which was listed among the best by The Independent.

This year it takes place from Friday, June 12, until Sunday, June 14. To register for a programme and email updates, call Northampton 770107.

Source : Northampton Chronicle and Echo


Don’t say “Hello” to over priced Princess Diana magazines on Ebay

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who still try to make money out of Princess Diana’s death.

This particularly came to light tonight while browsing Ebay in the wee small hours.


One Ebay seller has several copies of Hello Magazine from the 1980’s and 1990’s and is offering them at "Bargain Prices" ranging from as "little" as £49.99 ($73.43) to £129.99 ($ 181.48)

Ok , so they may well be rare and hard to find nowadays but come on be fair they could be sold at fairer prices that Diana fans can afford.

So take my advice and don’t say "Hello" to these magazines.


Anti-bullying aware for Ratton

THE PRINCESS Diana Anti-Bullying Award has been won by an Eastbourne school.

Ratton School’s peer support group was presented with the award recently by East Sussex County Council chairman Bob Lacey.


The award was given to group members in recognition of their proactive approach to bullying in the school.
The students have received training in which they have been taught to recognise signs of unhappiness in other students, engage them in conversation, offer support and help them to solve relationship problems. 

The members do their most valuable work at lunch or break times when some students may otherwise feel vulnerable and isolated.

It is this willingness to give of their own time that has led to the award.
In January it is due to present its work at a Specialist Schools Trust event in Gravesend.

Source : Eastbourne


New Year Honours: Princess Diana’s designer receives an OBE

A Saville Row tailor, who made the jacket Diana, Princess of Wales wore in her Panorama interview more than a decade ago, has been made an OBE.

Trinidadian born Andrew Ramroop(below)57, a tailor since 1970, was featured in the BBC television series Black Firsts which was part of the Windrush Season.

Andrew Ramroop

Mr Ramroop, who owns bespoke tailors Maurice Sedwell, was the first tailor to be made a Visiting Professor of the London Institute.

He made several suits for the Princess including the midnight blue £1,800 jacket she wore for the Martin Bashir interview in November 1995.


Mr Ramroop knew it was for a special occasion but only realised it was for the interview when he turned on the television.

Source : Daily


Murder mixes with royalty in new mystery

Author Susan Froetschel says her mystery novel "Royal Escape" is not modelled on the life of the late Princess Diana, you don’t have to look far to see similarity.

The fictional Elena, Princess of Wales, is married to an unfaithful man, has two sons and yearns to get out of her unhappy marriage — much to the chagrin of her royal in-laws. Elena’s position has limited her career, crippled her daily activities and put serious restrictions on what she can say and do in public.


Like Princess Diana, Elena is charitable, fashionable and beautiful, with "cobalt blue eyes" and a look that is at once shy and mischievous.

But reality and fiction part ways with the murder of Elena’s highly regarded divorce attorney. The two killers escape from the murder site with the Princess’ diary, which is filled with damaging information about her husband, the Prince of Wales.

After a terrorist attack on Elena, the royal family puts her and her sons in seclusion. Arguing that the boys are only really safe away from their mother, royal security keeps them in hiding apart from the Princess. Elena struggles to remain with her sons and escape the many restrictions the Royal family places on her.

"With ‘Royal Escape,’ I tried to imagine how a person might feel, going through divorce and walking away from such a powerful family, while also dealing with loyal and disloyal staff, problem in-laws and intrusive paparazzi," Froetschel says.

Froetschel (below)studied journalism at Pennsylvania State University and has worked for several magazines and newspapers. She currently serves as the assistant editor at Yale Global Online.


She owes her interest in mysteries to a much-beloved author.

"Like most women mystery authors, I am grateful to the Nancy Drew series," she says. "I loved those books and read them during meals, in the car and when I was supposed to be in bed sleeping. I thought how wonderful it would be to have a life like hers, solving problems and asking questions."

Froetschel has published two previous novels: "Alaska Gray" in 1994 and "Interruptions" 10 years later. Both mysteries mix suspense with policy analysis. All three books have protagonists who are balancing motherhood and activism.

Froetschel says the idea for "Royal Escape" was inspired by the book "Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics" because its author Joe Klein imagined motivation and feelings within a presidential campaign.

"Public figures are on display, but we all know there are deeper stories within certain institutions, whether it’s a presidential campaign in the U.S. or the royal family in Great Britain," she observes.

Froetschel is not shy about criticizing modern day monarchies. She says she finds something new each time she rereads "Royal Escape."


“Princess Diana” Pacifier

Here is a most unusual gift for your little princess.

A Princess Diana pacifier.

Every inch of its pink surface is covered with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Give this to the girliest tot you know, and don’t be surprised if she starts asking for diamonds on her birthday as soon as she learns the word “bling.”

Available priced at $120.00 from Gift




PPCF auctions “Diana Travolta dress” on Ebay

One of Princess Diana’s most famous dresses was recently been listed for sale on auction site Ebay.

The "Travolta dress" Lot no 79 in the famous Christie’s auction of Diana’s dresses was listed for sale at $700,000 but attracted no bidders.

travolta_diana1 travolta-dress-01

The gown is currently on display at Kensington Palace and is owned by Maureen Rorech Dunkel of The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation.

Diana wore the gown originally designed by Victor Edelstein to the White House ball in 1985 where she famously danced with actor John Travolta.

It fetched the most amount at auction when it sold for $222,500 (£151.13)


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