*Exclusive Interview with actress Chelsea Marie Rogers From ‘Quantum Leap : A Leap To Di For’

This week I am really thrilled to be able to bring you an *Exclusive* interview with actress Chelsea Marie Rogers who portrayed Princess Diana in the recent Fan Film ‘Quantum Leap : A Leap To Di For’.

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I’d like to thank Chelsea for taking time out of her schedule to answer some questions for us.

Patricia : Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you have been an actress?

Chelsea : I have been acting since I was 9 years old. I used to make home movies all the time, acting like a news anchor or making tiny little films of my own. When I got a little older I got into Theatre and was immediately addicted to entertaining and inspiring people through my characters. About 4 years ago I got into filming and loved the creative difference between Theatre and film. On stage you have to have big actions and on screen it’s all about your facial expressions.
But in the end its all about entertaining and inspiring people by taking them out of their lives for 2 hours and making them laugh, cry or just genuinely make them forget whatever it is that was bothering them for those two hours. 

Patricia : Did you audition for the part of Princess Diana in "A Leap to Di For”?

Chelsea : Ironically, I was auditioning for the role of the French speaking receptionist and the role of Meredith. I had studied a couple of pieces of footage of Princess Diana, but just didn’t even think about auditioning for the role. As soon as I read for Meredith, Chris had asked me to read for Diana. I was extremely nervous because this was a real life person. Therefore, I thought I had botched my audition, but surprisingly the producers and directors liked it.

Patricia : Did you watch any video footage of Princess Diana to draw inspiration for your role?

Chelsea : I watched hours and hours of footage of Princess Diana. I would keep notebooks of different mannerisms she would do in certain situations. I would try to mimic her walk and talk as perfectly as I could. I knew that this would be a challenge, performing as a real life character. Therefore I wanted to make sure I had everything down pact and portray Princess Diana as accurately as possible. 

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Patricia : Did you find it difficult having to speak with an English accent?

Chelsea : I love learning new accents! It was a bit of a challenge having her accent though because she had a proper British accent, more Welsh, than the typical Cockney accent. I kept her voice recordings on my MP3 player, therefore anywhere I went I could listen and practice her accent.

Patricia : Did you enjoy your role as Princess Diana; was she a difficult character to portray?

Chelsea : I enjoyed portraying Princess Diana very much. It was such a challenge to play a real life character because I wanted to have everything perfect, her walk, her talk, her mannerisms… Etc. The main challenge was being on set at 8pm but not filming until 6am the next day. I wanted so badly to do her justice and give the audience a great Diana.

Patricia : Did you enjoy being turned into Princess Diana by the make up artist?

Chelsea : Misty, our makeup/hair artist was my savoir. She helped me become Princess Diana. Her talents are beyond extraordinary. Misty’s expertise on Diana’s hair and make-up made its less stressful.

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Patricia : Did you feel emotional knowing the outcome of Princess Diana’s storyline?

Chelsea : It was very emotional and nerve wrecking knowing that in this movie we would be changing Princess Diana’s outcome.
When I first read the script, I’m not going to lie; I went straight to the end. I had to know if in the end, Princess Diana would be saved or not. When I read it my eyes began to water. But to say if they are tears of joy or tears of despair, I can not say. Movie goers will just have to watch the film and find out.

Patricia : Would you like to portray Princess Diana in another movie about her life?

Chelsea : I would be honored to portray Princess Diana again. I believe with more time, I could portray her better.

Patricia : Were you excited at meeting Scot Bakula at the premiere of "A Leap to Di For”? 

Chelsea : It was a great pleasure to meet Scott and ask him a couple of questions. He is very polite and.his wife was also very kind to let my mother and I ask her some questions also.


Patricia : Do you have any new projects planned for the future?

Chelsea : I just finished up my first sag film called ‘Bloomington’. I am currently involved in a sketch comedy called ‘The Drink and I’. I also am fortunate enough to be involved in a couple of independent films that will be taking place this summer and fall.

Patricia : Thank you Chelsea for a very interesting interview.

Chelsea : My pleasure

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